Empowering teachers to raise scientific literacy

Providing comprehensive and engaging science resources

our vision

Every child in New Zealand is scientifically literate


Why is scientific literacy important?

raising a scientifically literate generation


Critical Thinking Skills

With the proliferation of social media and "fake news", science teaches us how to gather and interpret information, and to make informed decisions.


Economic Prosperity

Our future economy depends on innovative advancements. A scientifically literate workforce will have the necessary skills to embrace and support this future.


Health & Wellbeing

Science enables individuals to make informed choices about things like diet, exercise and medical treatment that directly impact health and wellbeing.

what we do

we're empowering teachers

to support our kids


Bi-Lingual Science Resource Kits

We’ll give you everything you need to deliver great hands-on science lessons, including all consumables.

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We’ll give you all the support you need to confidently deliver hands-on science lessons in your classroom.

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Want in-school support?

Comprehensive primary science professional development is available in many regions.

Get Involved

We rely on community involvement on many levels, from volunteering locally to deliver and maintain resource kits, to partnering with us on a national level to develop new resource kits. Every bit counts, so if you're interested in getting involved with the House of Science, please get in touch!


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