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A comprehensive library of bi-lingual resources that empower teachers to deliver great science lessons

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Include at least 5 hands-on experiments, they cater for Year 0-8 students, are easy to use – everything a teacher needs is in the kit, they include all consumables, bi-lingual student instructions and teacher manual, and are fully aligned to the NZ curriculum.

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Whether the activities are hard or easy our tamariki can access them at the level they are learning at and get interest and enjoyment from them. They always help us ask and answer questions and expand our thinking and they are hands-on and well-organised and appealing.

Big Blue Future

Big Blue Future

Joy Makene

Bledisloe School

Custom dimensions 1000x1000 px (1)

We equip thousands of teachers across Aotearoa to deliver engaging hands-on science lessons every week. Our kits cover the whole primary science curriculum and are a huge hit with students and teachers.


Our kits are developed with the help of science organisations like the MacDiarmid institute, MPI, AgResearch etc.

Local kit sponsorship pays for the purchase, maintenance, delivery and upkeep of each kit.

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Our bi-lingual science resource kits cover a vast range of relevant topics and include at least five hands-on experiments that cater for children in years 0-8. Everything a teacher needs, including consumables, are included in the kits.

Rocket science anyone? We are on a mission to learn about the forces involved in rocket flight.

Students make and investigate a variety of rockets to explore lift, thrust, weight, and drag and their effect on rocket flight.

There is a strong ‘inquiry focus’ in this resource. A concept or idea is introduced at the start of an activity, with extension ideas and activities given for students to discuss and explore further.

Please note, not all science kits are available at all branches.

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