Term 2 Holiday 2019 Monday—Friday 15th July –19th July 9am till 3pm 8 – 13years


Nature of Science

Students will learn what science is and how scientists work. We will be carrying out lots of hands-on investigations in order that the students can make distinctions between what is observed and what is inferred. Students will be encouraged to collect and interpret data by looking for patterns to support or conflict with their ideas.  These investigations will help students to learn that science is ever changing and that scientists are imaginative and creative. Students will also communicate and contribute their ideas by presenting their investigations. In this way, we will look at how scientists can have different views and attitudes towards results and that these may be culturally or socially challenged.


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Morning Tea Provided

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Please make sure children have a good pair of walking shoes and a sun hat if the weather is nice we will go to the park at lunchtime.


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