Friday the 26th April trip to Gordon Carmichael 8.30am—5.30pm


Friday the 26th  April trip to Gordon Carmichael 8.30am—5.30pm

Gordon Carmichael reserve is a Wetland area, we hope to Study the life cycle of New Zealand wetlands, as well as Wildlife insects, birds and reptiles.

We are hoping to also learn about Native Plants and Vegetation.

We will learn how they contribute to modern day society, what can we do to protect them and why they are so important to us now.

We will also learn why they were so important to our Human ancestor’s hundreds of years ago.

Children will need to wear good footwear, sun hats, and sunblock.

Bring a water bottle, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea.

Any medication is to be handed to the teacher.

Parents will need to sign a  permission form this will be emailed to parents on registration.  No permission slip no trip. 

They will be leaving from House of Science Tauranga at 9 am 

If your child is under 135 cm Please provide your child’s car seat and booster seats for children over this hight.

$95.00 per child.


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