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Our Rotorua library of Primary School Science Resource kits...

  • Cover a vast range of relevant topics
  • Include at least 5 hands-on experiments, catering for Year 1-8 students
  • Are easy to use - everything a teacher needs is in the kit, including all consumables
  • Include bi-lingual student instructions and teacher manual
  • Are fully aligned with the NZ curriculum  and many reflect current National Science research

Kits are booked for one week at a time and are delivered to/collected from our member schools in the Rotorua lakes region. Please click here if you are interested in becoming a House of Science member school.

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Scientifically literate people participate as informed citizens and make intelligent decisions that will affect the quality of their lives and that of their children.

House of Science is passionate about inspiring young New Zealanders' interest in science through tangible learning experiences. We are a charitable trust providing quality science resources to schools and professional learning for teachers to promote positive engagement with science in all its forms. VIEW VIDEO

Teachers, students and the wider community can access our diverse programmes and educational materials including

  • A comprehensive science resource library for primary schools
  • Teacher professional development

We work with over 300 schools in the North Island, delivering more than 200 resource kits each week. As a result over 8,000 students a week are accessing our hands-on learning experiences.

Science builds key competencies like critical thinking, questioning and problem solving.

The science career pipeline must be populated from a young age as students have decided by age 10 what career they will not pursue when leaving school.

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