Government funding for House of Science?

Nationals’s education discussion paper released today suggests House of Science should be funded to help strengthen science curriculum resources in primary schools. We agree… what about you? Take the survey and have your say.

Nikki Kaye’s document is a comprehensive look at many aspects of the education system. We love the emphasis on STEM and the specific mention of our work: “We need to strengthen curriculum resources in subject areas like science. We value the huge contribution organisations such as the House of Science are making in schools, through resources and professional learning for teachers to promote positive engagement with science in all its forms.”

This is huge for us – we would love to offer our services to each school in the country but currently rely on local organisations to find the funding to make this happen. It’s a slow process and means that many schools are missing out. Government funding would ensure all students in NZ can access quality hands-on science lessons regardless of where they live.