Eastern BOP

The EBOP House of Science branch is delivered by Eastbay REAP

Services offered:

  • Science Resource Kits
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • After School Programs
  • Holiday Programs

Key personnel:

  • John Chemis & Ryan Morrison   Oversight
  • Jared Tuoro                                 School Liaison
  • Teia Grant-Jaram                         Administrator
  • Heeni Hope & Liliana Clarke       Tutors/Facilitators
  • Ana Coles                                    QMS

Contact details:

Physical: 21 Pyne St Whakatane

Post:       Private Bag 1005, Whakatane

Phone:    07 308 4098

email:      teia@eastbayreap.org.nz 


  • Eastbay REAP
  • Southern Trust

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