School Membership

Access to the resource library and Teacher Professional Development at the House of Science is Free for teachers of member schools. Prices below are correct for the Tauranga branch, some regions may differ slightly.
School Membership fees:
Primary School membership  (Exc GST)

Option    Resource library         Teacher PLD            Annual Fee    
Gold        3 kits per week max     30 Credits per year        $900
Silver       2 kits per week max     20 Credits per year        $600

Bronze    1 kit per week max       10 Credits per year        $300
Resource kits are delivered and collected free of charge*

*Rural schools may incur a delivery surcharge of $250 per annum
depending on the distance from your local House of Science office.
Secondary School membership (Exc GST)

Option      Teacher PD               Annual Fee

Gold         40 Credits per year        $ 500
Silver        20 Credits per year        $ 250
Bronze     12 Credits per year         $ 150

A PLD 'credit' constitutes one teacher attending one PLD session.

Membership fees are due on February 1st. Schools that join later in the year will have their fees discounted on a pro rata basis.

Teachers will be issued with a password that allows access to the  booking facility via the Calendar on this website.


To express interest in joining House of Science please fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you

School Membership

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    • Primary - Years 0-6
    • Primary - Years 0-8
    • Intermediate - Years 7-8
    • Secondary - Years 7-13
    • Secondary - Years 9-13
    • Other
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Bronze
    • Not a rural school
    • Kits delivered and collected by HoS ($250)
    • Kits transported by school staff

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