For Teachers


House of Science runs four teacher professional development sessions per school term. Aimed at different groups of teachers, the focus is on sharing resources, networking and exposure to local scientists through guest speakers. Highlights from 2016 included speakers from the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Plant and Food, and Bluelab.

“House of Science, for me, has overcome two major barriers for teaching science: preparation, i.e buying and organising resources, and readily available content, knowledge/ conceptual understanding. Previously much of the science undertaken was demonstrations that were then mimicked by the students. Through House of Science, not only has a deeper understanding of scientific concepts developed, but the students’ (and this teacher’s) understanding of scientific practices, and the scientific method in general, has improved. The kits have given a template for science lessons and units that we can use as a launchpad for other scientific investigations and inquiries.” TEACHER COMMENT